Backup Services

Aardvark offers state of the art back up technologies that will keep your valuable data safe. As well as providing cloud backup, monthly monitoring and maintenance, Aardvark supplies the renowned ‘Aardvark Data Vault’. This robust and versatile storage product is designed to handle critical data storage¬†while virtually eliminating any risk of data loss or accidental deletion.

Originally designed to host Aardvark’s internal data storage requirements, the Aardvark Data Vault product has proven its usefulness in our organization for years. Past and present clients are always impressed with its reliability and ease of use. There is no other data storage solution currently on the market that can compare to it.

Everything about an Aardvark Data Vault is designed with reliability in mind:

  • Dual hot-swap power supplies

  • Three-times redundant RAID drive storage

  • Solid state boot drive for long-life

  • Transactional File Storage: All writes are logged and checked for completeness

  • Advanced Error Detection, Correction and Scrubbing.

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